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If you have any questions that this website was unable to answer, we have enabled several methods for you to become in contact with us. If you consider your question urgent, the quickest way to contact us is via phone, our number is on the right side of the page, and in several other locations on the site. If you want to send us an e-mail, please use the contact form to the right of this paragraph. If you have a problem with our website specifically, please send us an e-mail and we will work to fix the issue.

Our address is: 1014 Timothy Drive San Jose, CA, 95133. We’ve included a map below of our location and the surrounding area. Our operating hours are 9:00am to 9:00pm Monday through Friday. We accept cash only, however we do have an ATM at our facility.




(408) 849-3706


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“IMO, this place is one of the better dispensaries in San Jose. The customer service is great here as well as the medicine. Finally a spot in SJ that has good quality bud at affordable prices. Theraleaf is definitely one of my go-to dispensaries. Thank you everyone at Theraleaf! Keep up the great work.”

margarfl, I love this place!!

“Place has a friendly staff and awesome buds. They also have pretty good deals and specials.”

Staelfish, Very cool hidden spot

“Always the best tree for the cheapest price. Just go in get your tree and get out. Perfect!!”

Claireberkley, Best tree in the south bay

“just got done burnin on this Buckeye Purple and some Blueberries got helped by Gilbert he knows his flower hands down.”

smoker_95, hands down dopest dope I've smoked

“This place has a lot of different good good bud. The prices are very good. The people work here are very friendly and helpful thanks for the good work keep it up.”

nalll420, Great place

“the best place to go if you love wax, i bought half gram of blue cookies for only 10$ like wtf, best club hands down. no complaints.”

brennanhuff, honestly